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Will S. ( Clemson Tigers Running Back)

“Joe T. has always been great to me, and helps me in whatever I'm trying to achieve.  He understands how my body works so well and once he locates the cause of your pain, he uses his knowledge to come with a specific plan.   I appreciate him a ton for all the help he has given me over the years!"

Jaylen C. (Duke Blue Devils Running Back)

“I am forever grateful for the dedication and expertise of Joe! Thanks to his unwavering support, I have made a remarkable recovery from my Achilles tear. Since my surgery in 2020, I was able to return to my sport fully healthy and have gone on to become one of the best running backs in the ACC. If you are seeking a Performance Specialist who goes above and beyond, providing not only top-notch rehabilitation but also unwavering support and inspiration, look no further. "

Connor H. (Cornell University Linebacker)

I would not be playing D1 football had I not met Joe Tedesco. What sets Joe apart is his unwavering dedication to not only healing his patients physically but also nurturing their mental well-being as they conquer adversity. As an athlete, injuries have led to very dark times in my life. With injuries plaguing my football career in high school, I thought that I may never reach my dreams of playing at the college level. But thanks to Joe’s special ability to inspire and motivate, I have been able to overcome all of my athletic setbacks and grow into a stronger, more durable athlete both mentally and physically. ​

Joe cares about developing relationships with his patients, going beyond the face value of your circumstances. Taking the time to understand the uniqueness of your situation, Joe creates a rehab process that is curated to YOUR needs. 

I have been treated by Joe for more than a decade and during that time he has become a great friend and role model in my life. 

Joe Tedesco is more than just a physical therapist; he is a true catalyst for transformation. Joe’s  impact on my life has lead me to places in my athletic career that once seemed impossible. I cannot recommend anyone better than Joe! "

George L. (Indiana Hoosiers Basketball Player, Professional Basketball Player)

“Joe was referred to me by St Vincents Sports performance out of Indianapolis. If you know who that is then you know it’s a big deal and a huge compliment. I tore my patella tendon in Japan and destroyed my meniscus the following year. Most people would retire after but my agent and doctor wanted me in the best possible setting. I was not only back on the court but also had my personal best stats my last 5 years playing after working with Joe. I increased in every single basketball category. He personally poured hours in to me to get me back to peak performance and it showed.  I will be forever grateful. "

Cooper F. (Collegiate Hockey Player)

“Joe Tedesco has been my physical therapist for over 8 years now, and his knowledge, passion and friendliness have made the experience nothing but incredible. As a college hockey player who has experienced a variety of major and minor injuries throughout my career, I have come to fully trust and rely on Joe's expertise when it comes to physical therapy and recovery. Joe has consistently helped get me back into game action, and I can't thank him enough for all he's done. I highly recommend Joe and his services to anyone looking for an experienced and trustworthy physical therapist."

Austin R. (Collegiate Pitcher, Baseball Coach)

“Thank you for all that you have done for me during my pursuit of baseball at the highest level.  We started working together when I was 14/15 and I couldn’t ask for a better trainer and mentor.  The guidance and wisdom you brought me has been unmatched throughout my baseball career. We’ve worked together through lower back pain, elbow pain, shoulder pain, and overall mobility and strength.  In these, includes my recovery from UCL reconstruction and the disc bulge in my back. You’ve provided me care that brought me from broken/immobile to the highest level of performance. Even during the times, I thought my career was over, together we pushed through.  My favorite part about working with you was watching you out work me in every aspect of my training. When I would fail or struggle, you would pick up the pieces and put me back on track, by your example. Even during your lunch time, instead of taking a break you’re getting a workout in.  These small things made a huge impact on me, it showed me your dedication, the love for what you do, and how you take care of your body. You’ve always been an inspiration for me.
You have made a significant impact on my life and the trajectory for my future. I can’t thank you enough for all that you have done. I hope many others get to experience your level of expertise as I did. I trusted you with my body and health, I hope others do the same."

Ben H. (GM, Head Coach, Ultimate Crossfit, Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist) 

"I started going to see Joe for treatment over 10+ years ago. He’s helped me come back from a couple of major surgeries. He is my go-to for any injuries I deal with as well as general body maintenance for the active lifestyle I live. On a personal note, he has been a sort of mentor to me, giving me knowledge that has allowed me to add more value to my clients.

Jim K. (Ironman, Endurance Athlete) 

"Joe Tedesco is a 10 on a 5 point scale! I’m a former triathlete and Ironman competitor and these days still an avid Swimmer and Runner.  As anyone who trains for endurance events knows, injuries and strains can provide difficult hurdles to overcome on the way to the finish line.  Joe’s has an amazing ability to identify the root cause of my ailments, when they pop up, and provide the right treatment to get me back in the game ASAP. Even more importantly he provided strength and conditioning exercises to help provide more permanent solutions to these weak areas allowing me to avoid dealing with the
same issues multiple times.  Aside from being incredibly competent, Joe has an innate ability to create community within his team  members and clients that actually makes dealing with therapy more like being part of a club than a painful experience you want to avoid. Whether you’re training for the event of a lifetime or just trying to get back to everyday life, there’s not a better Physical therapist you could trust for your treatment."

Max A. (Managing Director Sterling Capital, Weight Lifter, Fitness Boss)

Dr. Joe has treated our entire family for a range of issues. He helped us heal from dance related hip labrum surgery to olympic lifting induced bicep tendon surgery. He also helped rehab throwing injuries from baseball, shoulder injuries from wrestling, and football related ankle and shin split issues. Joe combines a unique knowledge of the human anatomy and years of experience treating injuries (for professional to amateur) with a focus on rehabilitation and addressing root cause of the weakness that have led to injuries. Not only is Joe an expert, but he is also an athlete who knows first hand the issues his patients face. His natural connection and true care for his patients, helps get buy-in from and improves athletes recovery time. We reccomend everyone to Joe."

Brent L. (Former NCAA Wrestler, Crossfit Athlete)

"Went to see Joe as a 40-something former D1 athlete struggling with nagging injuries that were limiting my ability to stay fit and healthy.  From the start Joe made it clear that his goal for me wasn't just to heal up but rather to give me the tools to build and maintain mobility, flexibility and strength well into my 50's and beyond.  I'm happy to say I took him up on that five years ago and still go regularly as part of my fitness and health routine.  Take my advice, go see Joe!." 

RODNEY M. (Crossfit Athlete)

"Thank you Joe for helping me with my rehab after knee surgery.  Other places wanted to get me "Functional."  You treated me like an athlete.  That change in mindset made all the difference for me!" 

Tricia G. (Collegiate Soccer Player, State Champ Tennis Player, Super Mom Athlete)

"I’ve had many injuries and many physical therapists over 30 years of playing sports and I can say without a doubt Joe is hands down the best there is. He is truly gifted at what he does. Joe is incredibly thorough and takes a great deal of time assessing and understanding an injury and the patient in order to treat them successfully and appropriately using various modalities of treatment. I’ve referred many people to him over the years and he’s treated myself and 4 family members from age 13 to 80, all with great success even when by the time they got to him all hope seemed lost. We are forever grateful to have found Joe. " 

MARGEE K. (Head Coach at Crossfit Indian Trail)

"I've been a patient of Joe's for various ailments for 10 years.  His main focus to his patients is to make them stronger than they were before.  He doesn't just care for your physical ailments, but also encourages you during the process.   He is more than just your doctor who heals, but a friend who cares." 

CAMERON G. (Registered Nurse,Tennis Player, Fitness Enthusiast) 

“I have been a patient of Joe’s for almost 15 years as a former triathlete, Crossfitter, soccer player, and now tennis player. He has helped me after having babies, re-rehabbing ab old knee injury, and various other injuries. I cannot imagine going to anyone else because he truly is an expert at what he does. He takes the time to diagnose and is thorough and meticulous with treating not only the injury that got me there, but also imbalances and weaknesses in the body that have and could cause future injuries. He is always very willing to work me in for an “emergency” visit. Most recently, when coming in for a last minute visit for some pain that was not getting better, he urged me to get a scan as soon as possible as the injury was worse than I suspected. The level of trust that I have in him when he advises me is a “do what Joe says” type of relationship. I am so thankful I went to him when I did that day. He is more than just the top therapist in his field in Charlotte. He makes physical therapy fun, gets to know his patients, is upbeat and positive when being injured can sometimes be very discouraging. He gives back to the community, walks the walk of health and resilience, is dedicated to his patients but also his family. I cannot imagine going to anyone else and ALWAYS tell my friends “you need to see Joe, he will fix you.” 
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